Welcome to Providence

providencelionWelcome to Providence, a community of 77 homes, quietly nestled between Mill Creek and the Naval Academy Golf Course on the St. Margaret’s Peninsula just outside of Annapolis. Providence is convenient to downtown and Route 50 and within an easy walk to Greenbury PointJonas Green Park and the B&A Trail.

A neighborhood of well-tended lawns and well-tended friendships, Providence is in every sense of the word, a community. Our common recreation areas, cherished traditions and membership in the Providence Club, Inc. bring residents of all ages together to have fun, tend our communal property and support one another as good neighbors.

We revel in monthly Happy Hours and a Fourth of July extravaganza at our recently built clubhouse, pitch in for an annual spring “clean ups” of the common grounds and share in numerous special activities (from exercise classes to raft-ups).

Residents can enjoy the beauty of Bay living via our three-pier marina on Mill Creek Cove and “The Point”, which is ideal for watching the sunrise, staging camp outs and fishing off the bulkhead.

Summer fun centers around our 25-yard pool overlooking The Point, where there is always a breeze and what is arguably the best view in Annapolis.

The Puritans who first settled the area in 1649 knew what they were doing when they selected the site and the name, “Providence”.

Life here is, indeed, providential.

The Club House

Our clubhouse is built on the site of a summer cottage which dated back to 1905. Our beautiful new clubhouse opened in July 2015 and is a much-used central gathering place for events throughout the year and is available for rent by Providence Club members.
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